La Trendy Vita, founded in March 2020, is a brand new Irish company based in Dublin15.

I came from Milan, Italy to Ireland in January 2019 and I fell in love with this magnificent island, so I decided to establish my company here in Dublin.
La Trendy Vita is focusing on quality, aiming to make your Vita (= life in Italian) Trendy in every single item we offer you.

You are not spending money by buying our items, you are investing it on yourself, your comfort and your well being.
Invest now and you will thank us later.

Myself & my amazing team are building a very large community here in Ireland and what makes us different is not only the exceptional quality of our products, but the way we serve our clients.
We are human beings behind laptops and computers, we miss our friendly relationships with all our clients; we would like to be connected with all of you now more than ever, breaking this barrier between us to make you live the best online shopping experience you have ever had.
It's not a matter of click-and-go, you are a part of our community!!
There is always a personal shopper at your service any time you need advice or simply a piece of information.
Please feel free to get in touch with us - see the Contact us and Virtual sales assistant pages.

Helping you is what we love most!

This is me, Shirin, the founder of La Trendy Vita.

Welcome aboard.
Contact me here and let me know how I can help you:

Please get in touch!